#FaisPetillerlaPlanetFoot: PLANET, at the heart of the game for CAN with the platform!

Four weeks of pure and intense emotions. Laughter, suspense, joy, sadness, excitement to exultation… In short, a competition that makes the hearts of both young and old beat faster.

Mini-games, football challenges, all aimed at encouraging the enthusiasm of the moment. *The penalty session. *

Final whistle, the two teams finish level…

The extra time may have worn out the players, but they still need to find the energy and clarity required for the ultimate test in suspenseful competitions: the penalty shootout. Panenka? Rabona?

Powerful or finesse shot? It’s up to each to show their accuracy under pressure. *The prediction pro?


Everyone wants their team to win, but surprises have sometimes punctuated the competition. Participants will have the opportunity to demonstrate their insight by predicting match results, and… compete with their friends to prove who is the best at predicting. Passionate sports influencers will share their exceptional skills, offering participants the chance to be inspired and take on creative and technical challenges.

Whether it’s juggling challenges, quizzes, or creativity competitions showcasing the love for football, these activities aim to bring the community together around their common passion. Participants will be able to share their own achievements with the whole world. In just two decades, the brand has positioned 17 flavors in over 20 African countries, ranging from major references to innovative local adaptations.

Beyond the football field, PLANET offers a range of exquisite flavors to accompany the highlights of the CAN. Whether watching a match with friends, celebrating a victory, or recovering from a loss, PLANET’s fruity drinks add a refreshing touch to every moment. The combination of the pleasure of the game and the pleasure of the taste buds makes PLANET the ideal partner to fully experience the CAN.

Let the party begin, on and off the field! PLANET’s mission goes beyond fruity drinks; it aims to create connections among all African consumers, bringing people together in a vibrant world of joy, colors, flavors, and tastes.

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