Senegalese Ousmane Sonko comes to the aid of his lawyer Guy-Hervé Kam, who disappeared in Burkina Faso

An unexpected request that may prove to be beneficial for the release of the lawyer, leader of the Sens party and former founder of the Balai citoyen. Ousmane Sonko, from his cell in Cap Manuel, Senegal, addresses in a letter and on his Facebook page the president of the Burkinabé Transition, Ibrahim Traoré.

To “Mr. President” or to the one he also calls “dear Brother,” the leader of the Pastef offers “modest and friendly suggestions.” One of them is to deploy all means to find and secure the release of his “brother, friend, and lawyer” Guy-Hervé Kam as well as all those who have been abducted in recent months in Burkina Faso without apparent reasons.

Guy-Hervé Kam notably advised the leader of the Senegalese opposition in his defamation trial against the Minister of Tourism last March. Guy-Hervé Kam’s relatives and advocates welcome this stance.

This arrest followed by the detention of Guy-Hervé Kam was done without legal framework. That means the prosecutor of Faso is not aware, the military justice is not aware and we have drawn attention to this without being heard.

So I am glad that Mr. Sonko draws the attention of the president to these abuses. I hope he will hear these calls because it is not good for him, for our country, for the transition, for Africa.

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