“The Ghosts of Colonialism in Kenya”, “Grogan’s Lodge” at the Clermont-Ferrand Festival 2024

Two young students want to earn some money as waitresses. However, once they arrive at “La Villa Grogan,” the ghosts of the colonial past resurface.

Told in a very ceremonial but also cynical and cruel manner, the story shows the persistence of colonial terror in the form of a poetic horror film, through beauty, a fairytale dress, and a gourmet meal. Interview.

The photo is in black and white because at the time, there were no color photos. So, it’s to help the audience transport themselves into the past.

The story takes place in the middle of a beautiful nature. Then, Joy and Susan arrive at an old hunting lodge, Villa Grogan.

The two students have come for a job offer. It’s beautiful on the outside, and we want to be there.

Then, we are transported back to colonialism. The house becomes darker and darker, so that the viewers can experience Kenya during the colonial period.

People are doing well, but there are still memories and remnants of colonialism. For example, there are streets in Kenya that are private and that ordinary Kenyans cannot access.

It was like that during colonialism as well. So, remnants of colonialism are still there, but people are not very aware of them.

That’s why we’re talking about this subject again. Kenya was colonized by the British, a Caucasian people, so there had to be a Caucasian character to transport us into the story.

Miss Bird looks like a servant, someone who serves people. And during the colonial era, the British also came to “serve” the Kenyans as missionaries.

That’s why we thought it was relevant to represent this with a servant. But we really need to discuss it, because even in some regions where colonization took place, for example in the town of Kericho, in the Rift Valley, lands have still not been returned to the Kenyans who owned them before colonization.

It is still the former colonizers who own this land today. So, have we truly gained our independence?

This film is a good opportunity to start a discussion.

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