In China, Artificial Intelligence is Now Preparing for Awkward New Year Holiday Interrogations

Family reunions can be a challenge for young people, bombarded with questions from relatives. For instance, during the Chinese Lunar New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, young women often face inquiries about their relationships and marriage prospects. Zimu, a young woman, shares her experience of being questioned about marriage and job prospects.

She finds that some relatives are understanding of the current times, while others hold onto outdated beliefs. Zimu suggests directly addressing persistent questions and even using humor or turning the question back on the asker to deflect uncomfortable conversations about taboo topics such as marriage and children. The players in the game express themselves freely, and their responses trigger emotional changes in the virtual relatives.

The game concludes only after the player finishes conversations with all family members, relieving them from the “soul torture” of holiday interrogations during the Spring Festival.

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