United Kingdom: Charles III diagnosed with cancer, a blow to the British monarchy

He withdraws from public life for an indefinite period. It’s a hard blow for Charles III, only 17 months after his accession to the throne.

A situation unprecedented for the British monarchy which raises some questions. In case of the king’s incapacity, there are two possibilities: a regency, that is, a period when a person replaces the king and has the same powers.

Or abdication. But Charles III is not ready to give up his crown after waiting for it for more than fifty years.

So it is Prince William who will temporarily replace his father. A temporary solution that cannot last forever.

The announcement of Charles’s cancer is a first for the British monarchy, used to opacity. But we are far from total transparency, as noted by Marc Roche: “*We know nothing about the illness the king is suffering from, just as we still know nothing about the causes of the operation Kate Middleton underwent.

In fact, the palace remains a victim of its omertà culture when it comes to health and succession to the throne. *” Buckingham Palace assures that Charles III will continue to take care of “state affairs” during his convalescence.

The Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, tried to reassure the British on February 6 in an interview with the BBC and has already assured “*communicating with him as usual*”. The king traditionally, indeed speaks with the Prime Minister every week.

He looks in good health, the king… He has a good lifestyle.

“*Here, we are talking about the “Big C”! We need to talk about it.

Every day, 1,000 Britons learn they have cancer.”

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