Winter Storm in California: Biden Offers Federal Government Assistance

The Golden State on the west coast of America has been hit by over 36 hours of torrential rains and strong winds. This extreme winter storm has already claimed three lives, and the danger is not yet over.

Rainfall is expected to finally ease on Tuesday, but alerts for possible flash floods will remain in place until evening. Meteorologists are warning of potential landslides and mudslides due to completely saturated soil.

On Monday, during a press conference on rescue management, the mayor of Los Angeles received a call from President Joe Biden regarding the ongoing operation. He reassured the mayor that they are working closely with Governor Gawin Newsom to mobilize necessary resources and offered immediate assistance from the federal agency responsible for emergency and natural disaster management.

The areas at particularly high risk are those recently affected by forest fires, as their vegetation cover, which would normally retain water and soil, has been destroyed.

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